Why I Love Living on the Gulf Coast

..because I love being around water. Whether it’s a small pond or whether it’s the ocean, I love the peaceful feeling when around water as well as the art of water: The reflections, waves, ripples, colors, etc…

I have to admit though, I’m no fan of driving over bridges & that it can be unnerving driving in certain areas where it’s basically like the road is just sitting on top of the river. You’re literally about 10 feet from the river on either side of you. If it’s windy, the water blows onto the street.


We don’t have much of a Fall/Autumn Season here. Rarely do we get to see any autumn colors & the few fall colors we have last just a few days. When I travel further North I am in awe of the autumn colors.

couple watching sunset

The Mums are in Bloom!

It’s mum season (Chrysanthemum). These photos were taken last year.

Mum bridge reflection

Yellow mums

Japanese mum festival

Mums on bridge

The bumble bees were highly attracted to these flowers. I had never seen that many bees in one place. Their buzzing was extremely loud because it was so many of them. They were taking over, but I had to, of course, take some photos as these flowers are in bloom for such a short time. I plan to go back for next year’s mum festival, and I’ll be ready for the bees once again.